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PDF Redaction Software with OCR

PDF files that require redaction

Whether or not a file requires redaction depends on the nature of the information in the file, and where the file will be available for access. In general, redaction is necessary for files that contain sensitive information but are widely accessible. In order to limit access to certain parts of files, the documents can be redacted and certain information can be blocked from view. This is crucial in a world where so many documents are stored as PDFs and can be shared with a single click.

Importance of OCR in PDF redaction software

PDF redaction software uses OCR to process documents that were created by scanning paper documents, and are thus only stored as images. OCR makes such files text-searchable, which is essential for finding the contents that need to be redacted. The accuracy of the OCR determines the reliability of the results, and so it is crucial to use a redaction tool with advanced OCR capabilities.

Finding the right PDF redaction software with OCR

Because of the importance of OCR in the redaction process, the first step in evaluating the quality of a redaction tool is learning about the quality of its OCR engine. Trapeze from SoftWorks AI, for example, is a redaction program that is powered by the most accurate English OCR engine on the market, making it a consistently reliable choice. Contact SoftWorks AI and learn more about the advantages of choosing Trapeze for redaction.

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