How is Template Based OCR Different From Other OCR?

The key feature that sets template based OCR apart from regular OCR is the use of a structured layout to guide the OCR process. When document automation software follows a template, it extracts text from a scanned document based on the layout of the form. While general OCR is used to make documents with a basic layout text-searchable, template based OCR is used to process information from forms.

Uses of Template Based OCR

Template based OCR is used to process any type of scanned form. For example, when using invoice processing software, the OCR engine follows a template that makes use of the basic structure of an invoice. This allows the program to locate individual pieces of information and extract them into an appropriate location in the database.

Template Based OCR Software

For a specific template based OCR product, explore available document automation tools, such as Trapeze from SoftWorks AI. These programs eliminate data entry in the processing of various forms, pulling information from the different data fields on the page and compiling the data in a customizable spreadsheet. For a more detailed explanation of template based OCR with Trapeze, contact SoftWorks AI Technologies.