Types of OCR for forms

The concept of a form can include many different types of documents, with a great deal of variation in structure. In general, OCR, or optical character recognition, recognizes text characters in scanned documents, such as forms. Forms can include rigidly structured documents with clearly defined answer spaces, but they can also refer to unstructured or semi-structured documents.

Processing unstructured forms in bulk

Not all forms processing tools can process unstructured forms; some are limited to structured or semi-structured documents. The programs that can also process unstructured forms give you added flexibility with the types of documents that you can automate. If you need to process forms in bulk, manual data entry is not a convenient option. In such a case, you should look for a document automation tool that can handle unstructured forms.

Maximize your options with OCR for forms

Even if you are not fully certain about the types of documents that you may need to process in the future, you may wish to err on the side of safety and ensure that you have the option to OCR unstructured forms as well as structured and semi-structured ones. Trapeze from SoftWorks AI is an advanced forms processing tool that can handle all types of forms with market-leading accuracy. To get started with automated forms processing, contact SoftWorks AI Technologies and find out more about Trapeze.