Automated Transcript Processing

With a tremendous number of student applications throughout the admissions period each year, universities handle a large amount of electronic or image-based documents such as transcripts.

Traditionally, higher education ERP systems require manual data entry to transfer information from transcripts. For many universities, the high volume of transcripts makes the transcript process a time-intensive, tedious and expensive task.

SoftWorks AI’s Trapeze for Transcript Processing offers an advanced, automated solution for transcript processing which enables universities to accelerate the admission process. Capable of recognizing and extracting relevant information within each transcript, Trapeze can process all of your transcripts quickly and accurately. With Trapeze, you get faster transcript processing, better organization, and higher accuracy with the removal of human error. Don’t waste resources on a task that can be performed better automatically. Let Trapeze transform your ERP system. Request a free evaluation today!

How Trapeze Can Help Your Institution

– Reduce manual labor costs – Minimize manual intervention in your transcript processing workflow with an automated solution

– Accelerate Transcript Processing – Extract transcript data more rapidly with automation technology

– Improve transcript processing accuracy – Automatically recognize and extract data from transcripts to minimize human error

– Manage resources more efficiently – Employees can now spend their time on more meaningful tasks

Trapeze accurately recognizes and rapidly extracts data such as course-level information in a variety of diverse transcript layouts.

Trapeze for Transcript Processing helps reduce manual data entry costs. In one client case study, SoftWorks AI’s automated solution was able to eliminate over $100,000 in annual labor costs and reduce processing time from 1 hour to just 5 minutes.

About SoftWorks AI: Leaders in Business Process Automation Technology

SoftWorks AI Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of file compression, OCR text recognition technology, PDF workflow applications, and business process automation technology. Through more efficient, automated workflows, SoftWorks AI clients can realize a measurable return on their document-driven processes. Learn more about Trapeze so you can begin automating transcript processing today.