The Need for Automated Data Entry

Data entry can be a time-consuming and tedious process in many offices, occupying hours of time that could be spent performing other important tasks. Data entry is essential across a wide range of industries, ranging from healthcare to finance to government agencies. Common standardized documents include insurance forms, questionnaires, bank checks, and invoices. In order to maintain well-organized and accurate records, most businesses and organizations must update their databases regularly with information from incoming forms and documents.

Fortunately, recent technological developments have enabled offices to turn away from manual data entry and perform the process automatically, using advanced software that extracts content from scanned forms and documents. OCR, which stands for Optical Character Recognition, is able to identify text within scanned files and enter it into appropriate databases. This technology saves many offices hours of time as well as countless human errors. When a form is scanned into the computer, it is initially seen as an image file, since the computer is unable to distinguish text characters from other images. However, with the help of OCR software, text can be extracted from the document. As a result, the document becomes text-searchable and easier to work with, and the information can be entered into a spreadsheet automatically.

The Data Entry Process

Automated data entry has removed the hassle associated with entering information from hundreds of standardized forms. All you have to do is identify the relevant fields in which the software should find text, and as long as the format of each document is the same, the program can enter the data for you. This process has reached near perfection for computer-printed text, but is also very effective for handwritten text. Handwriting recognition software, known as ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) is not yet perfect due to individual differences in the appearance of characters, but it is already used for many purposes, such as for processing handwritten bank checks or paper surveys. Advanced data entry programs have information verification features that minimize the risk of errors by seeking confirmation when the text is unclear.

Automated data entry solutions constantly increase in speed and accuracy, ensuring that operations are never slowed down because of paperwork backlog. Minimal human supervision is required, because all of the steps are performed automatically, even including classifying documents and reconciling information with documents already in the system. The right data entry tool can completely revolutionize a company’s document organization system, increasing efficiency exponentially. One of the best solutions currently available on the market is SoftWorks AI’s Trapeze, a document automation tool that can take care of all of the necessary processes as soon as a paper is placed on the scanner. Trapeze’s OCR is unparalleled in accuracy, and its advanced capabilities maximize flexibility. To try Trapeze, download the free trial version.