Automation for Accounts Receivable

Companies can receive a large number of invoices from numerous vendors, each formatted with a different layout. This makes it difficult and time consuming to manually process invoices. Fortunately, automation software can alleviate this issue with its accurate recognition and data extraction. While the software is commonly used for accounts payable, it can also be applied towards accounts receivable.

Client Testimonial

Process High-Volume Accounts Receivable With Automation

Automation software can provide the same benefits for the accounts receivable process as it does for accounts payable. The accuracy of the software allows it to easily and correctly recognize data on scanned files. It can be configured to extract specific data while conforming to certain business rules. The software is powerful enough to handle large volumes of forms, processing them far more efficiently than they would be through manual data entry. A high number of customer invoices can be quickly processed by the software and then imported into the company business system.

More Efficient Processing With Less Manual Extraction

Automating invoice processing for both accounts payable and accounts receivable will help improve relations for the company with both its vendors and its clients. Automation software is designed to be highly efficient, allowing companies to focus less on extracting data and more on addressing any potential problems that may arise. The steps involved in the accounts receivable process can be made more effective through automation.