Use Business Rules to Customize the Automation Process

The customizable nature of accounts payable OCR software means that it varies from company to company. Users can set certain business rules so that invoices are processed exactly as specified. Setting these rules allows the company and employees to save valuable time, as well as review their invoices more thoroughly.

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Accounts Payable OCR Improves Invoice Processing

Companies that have specific rules can look over the results of the invoice processing during validation before importing the data into their business system. Some examples of rules include identifying sales tax when there should not be any and recognizing future invoice dates or long past dates. The software takes these rules into account as it processes the invoices and will highlight any items that do not comply with the set rules. Employees can then review the invoices during validation and decide how to best resolve the problems. Accounts payable OCR improves invoice processing at every level and can even help companies identify problem vendors.

Ensure Proper Processing with Business Rules

Setting rules for automation software is vital to the success of invoice processing. The rules will ensure that the invoices are processed according to the company’s specifications. Since the whole procedure is automated, employees need only to review the results before importing them into the business system.