Employee Implementation

One of the biggest challenges to implementing automated invoice processing is convincing the accounts payable staff to accept the new technology. This is understandable because the employees are used to doing their job a certain way and naturally would feel uncertain about software that can potentially replace them. To overcome this challenge, employees need to be fully disclosed on the whole implementation process.

Client Testimonial

Involving Employees in the Implementation Process

Although automated invoice processing can reduce the number of employees needed in accounts payable, there is no need to let go of staff members. Instead they can be transferred to different positions and repurposed for more value-adding tasks. Employees should be told about what the software is and what it can do, as well as the goals the company has for the software. They should be involved with every step of implementation so that they can learn more about the technology and grow comfortable with it as well. While the initial period of testing may not go so well due to the unfinished nature of the software, by the final phase of implementation, the employees will see the value of the software.

Reporposing Employees

Using automation software means that companies can add value without having to hire additional employees. There is also no need for them to reduce the number of their current employees. Because invoice processing is automated and only requires minimal human oversight, other staff members can be relocated to different positions where they can contribute more.