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Invoice Automation for Epicor Customers

Epicor and the Transition from Paper-Based to Electronic Solutions

Many companies use some form of business software to enhance their business processes. As technology continues to improve, companies are transitioning from paper-based procedures to electronic ones. Epicor is one of the largest providers of business software and their products can be supplemented with additional software such as invoice automation.

Client Testimonial

Automated Invoice Processing as an Add-On to Epicor Systems

Invoice automation is quickly becoming one of the more essential technologies that businesses depend on. The software can automate the accounts payable process, leading to more accurate and reliable invoice processing as well as reduced overhead costs. It can also serve as an add-on to existing Epicor systems such as Prophet21. The integration is seamless and the software only requires minimal training to use. By combining invoice automation with Epicor software, companies gain a valuable and indispensable tool.

Removing the Paper Factor with Invoice Automation and Epicor

There are many users of Epicor products such as Prophet21 that can benefit immensely from implementing invoice automation. Invoice automation represents the next natural step towards attaining a paperless office. Removing the paper factor will allow businesses to save time, reduce costs, and realize a tangible ROI.

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