How Long Does it Take Your Organization to Process a Loan?

With automation technology, our clients have been able to reduce turnaround times to less than 5 minutes per loan packet. Traditional loan processing typically involves a great deal of time, resources, and labor. At large financial institutions, processing a single loan requires manually sifting through hundreds of mortgage documents, organizing them, and entering key data into an LOS, compliance software, or other enterprise systems. All of this work unnecessarily increases operational costs and delays loan analysis, leaving customers frustrated waiting for a loan decision.

Key Issues Facing the Mortgage Space

– Finding a way to combat rising loan processing costs
– Meeting standards for compliance with greater efficiency
– Improving the borrower experience and keeping pace with real-time demand – opportunities

What Is Trapeze for Mortgage Processing?

Trapeze for Mortgage Processing is an automated mortgage processing system that automatically classifies and extracts data from mortgage loan documents. The solution comes pre-configured to classify hundreds of unique loan documents and is pre-trained on over 6,200 data fields. In addition, Trapeze comes with machine learning capabilities, allowing the software to learn from user behavior and improve touchless automation over time.

If you are looking for technology to reduce processing costs, meet compliance regulations, and improve your customer experience, schedule a call with us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve these new efficiencies