Batch OCR for Invoices

OCR stands for optical character recognition. It is a software tool that can convert scanned documents into text editable and searchable files. This is advantageous because it allows for more efficient work via an electronic medium. In addition to ordinary scanned documents, OCR can be applied to invoices. Processing invoices is a necessary part of business work, and in dire need of streamlining. Batch OCR for invoices can make invoices easier to work with and improve workflow.

Batch OCR Capabilities

A scanned document is easier to view and share since it can be sent from computer to computer. However because it is image file you cannot edit it in any way. If you had a scan that was a hundred pages long you would not be able to search through it. OCR works by converting the image file into a machine encoded text file. Once the file is text formatted you gain all the capabilities of text. Batch OCR for invoices would work in a similar fashion, allowing you to scan invoices and then OCR them. Since the invoice is now a text file you can easily edit and even search through it. You can quickly extract data and modify it as required.

Batch OCR Solutions

Processing invoices has long been done through manual methods. Employees would have to go through invoices individually and then extract information and transfer it elsewhere. At a business level, with hundreds of invoices per day, this would result in allocating many employees towards processing them. With batch OCR for invoices you can render the entire process electronic, leading to greater efficiency and productivity. Since fewer employees have to spend less time on invoices they can focus on more critical and vital projects. To try out batch OCR for invoices you can download free trial software from SoftWorks AI Technologies.