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Automated Tax Forms Processing Solutions

Automated Tax Forms Processing Solutions

Manually entering information into a database can be time-consuming, expensive, and error-prone. Especially during tax season, large volumes of tax documents must be processed and staff must take on additional hours in order to meet demanding deadlines and client obligations. Automated forms processing solutions can help organizations improve processing time, reduce labor costs, and maximize man hours.

What Does Automated Tax Forms Processing Do?

SoftWorks AI’s Trapeze automatically classifies tax documents and extract relevant data from structured forms. Trapeze utilizes powerful OCR recognition technology to accurately identify and capture data from documents. In tax documents for example, data field extraction can be performed to pull names, social security numbers, salaries, addresses, and other critical data necessary for processing. The data is then processed and validated before it is exported to a desired output location.

Benefits of Tax Forms Processing

Automating the processing of tax documents can significantly improve workflow speed and accuracy. Automation minimizes the amount of people needed to process the documents, which allows organizations to save significant man hours so staff can focus more time on other critical accounting duties. Accurate OCR recognition minimizes manual intervention which diminishes human errors. Furthermore, organizations can lower cost and produce real ROI through reduced data entry and faster document processing. Overall, automated forms processing technology is a valuable tool that can alleviate workload and make staff more efficient during tax season.

In addition to automated forms processing and data extraction, SoftWorks AI also offers conversion, compression, and redaction to provide a more advanced processing optimization. Learn more about our solutions here.

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