This video provides a a demonstration and overview of features and functionalities of SoftWorks AI’s Trapeze for Invoice Processing for automated document classification.

What Is Trapeze for Invoice Processing?

Automated Solutions for Invoice Processing

Processing invoices, when handled manually, is an expensive and time consuming function for any organization. With Trapeze for Invoice Processing, a powerful system designed by SoftWorks AI Technologies, organizations can process invoices automatically, reducing accounts payable (AP) costs while improving both the accuracy and speed of data extraction.

The ability to process invoices quickly and accurately is an important element for the success of any organization. As invoice processing costs escalate, organizations implementing an automated invoice processing system can realize financial benefits faster and yield a real, tangible ROI. SoftWorks AI’s Trapeze for Invoice Processing contains an intelligent recognition server capable of automatically interpreting the relevant information and fields within an invoice in real-time.

Key Features

– Reduce Costs Reduce invoice processing cost while improving processing speed through automated data entry

– Customizable XML Allows for a customizable system using XML-based scripting

– Validation Tool Validate extracted field data from the invoice

– Eliminate Human Errors Reduce form processing errors through automated document handling

– Produce ROI Produce a real ROI through reduced data-entry and invoice processing costs

– Improve Accuracy Increase the accuracy and speed of your invoice processing

– Extract into Database Automatically encode form data and export extracted information into a database

– Multilingual OCR Process documents from all over the world with multilingual OCR