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Mortgage underwriting is a challenging and time-consuming task. Underwriters are responsible for approving or denying loan applications by carefully reviewing financial documents for completeness and accuracy.

As part of this review process, underwriters must perform a cash flow analysis of the borrower’s income. To help underwriters drastically improve their productivity, we launched our Automated Income Analysis and Verification module.

Our Solutions Architect, Eitan Agai, will preview the module at the MBA Technology Solutions Conference & Expo on March 25 at 11:45 a.m. as part of the Tech Showcase. Eitan’s demo will outline the challenges today’s underwriters face and show how automated income analysis can improve their current workflow.

Eitan will show how Trapeze extracts information from relevant financial forms, and automatically fills out Freddie Mac’s Form 91 and Fannie Mae’s Form 1084.

This addition to the Trapeze for Mortgage Automation solution allows automatic parsing of financial documents, including most IRS tax forms. To better streamline the loan cycle, the Income Analysis and Verification Module automatically fills out the required cash flow analysis forms.

A growing number of borrowers have multiple streams of income. For instance, a controller at a small media company might do accounting work on the side. Another example would be an artist who moonlights as an Uber driver.

In today’s gig economy, analyzing income has become increasingly complex. As a result, borrowers are utilizing more complex tax documents in their loan application to cover different streams of income.

Our automated Income Analysis and Verification module helps underwriters reduce processing time with automated data extraction and classification of financial documents. Our module also helps minimize seasonality costs by allowing you the ability to easily scale up to meet demands and keep processing costs flat even as the volume of applications increase.

These benefits enable lenders to provide borrowers with a better customer experience. The Income Analysis and Verification Module enables loans to be processed in as little as five minutes.

For more information on the Income Analysis and Verification, click here.

Softworks AI

Softworks AI

SoftWorks AI is dedicated to creating best-in-class intelligent automation solutions to automate document-driven workflows with minimal to no humans-in-the-loop. Using computer vision, AI, and machine learning, we’re able to analyze and understand hundreds of mortgage and financial documents with extreme accuracy.