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It’s the start of the summer and, with it, SoftWorks AI’s fresh group of summer interns have joined the team. Our internship program is an important part of the SoftWorks identity. It keeps us connected to our academic roots and in touch the latest machine learning and computer vision developments at universities across the country and the world.

SoftWorks AI’s Academic Origins

SoftWorks AI has always been heavily tied into to academic world. Its origins lie in a City University of New York (CUNY) Computer Vision research lab, headed by then-professor and now CEO Dr. Ari Gross. The lab’s top students went on to become the company’s first employees. As SoftWorks AI continues to grow, we work to maintain our academic roots and principles. It is very important for us to maintain our connection with the academic world, tracking the latest university research on artificial intelligence, and other automation technologies that have the potential to add value to business automation.

Our company’s academic inclinations keep us focused on research and protect against complacency in our solution portfolio. True to the academic lab from which we came, SoftWorks AI’s research and development team is constantly testing the latest methods and technologies, perpetually evolving and ensuring that we stay on the cutting edge.

SoftWorks AI Internships

SoftWorks AI’s interns play a tremendously important role in our effort to stay on top of new technology. The extra hands on deck help the whole team work faster, and the extra sets of eyes bring valuable new perspectives, opinions, and experiences to the table.

Our interns also represent a way of giving back to the academic community and to our own academic origins. We can provide bright students with some of their first opportunities to put their newly learned skills to work and gain invaluable experience solving real-world problems and tackling unfamiliar challenges.

Intern Spotlight

Here are couple of our current and recent interns, and a sneak peek into the projects that they have been working on:


Matt is a rising junior at Columbia University, where he is a Hillel board-member and community leader. He is pursuing a computer science major and an electrical engineering minor, with plans for a career is cyber security. Now in his second summer with SoftWorks AI, Matt is using Monte Carlo simulations to test the classification accuracy of Support Vector Machines (SVM), a type of machine learning algorithm.


Elisheva is one of Softworks AI’s newest interns. She will be starting her senior year in the fall, studying computer science at Yeshiva University’s Stern College, with minors in both math and Judaic studies. In addition to her own intense course load, Elisheva volunteers hours of her time each week as a peer tutor on campus. While at SoftWorks, she is working on Trapeze’s regression testing, enabling our intelligent classification system to learn on the job and continue to improve its accuracy even while deployed.


Jason is another recent addition to the SoftWorks AI team. He recently graduated from City College of New York (CCNY) with a degree in computer engineering. While there, Jason worked on a machine-learning-based lipreading algorithm, successfully improving the model and reducing training times. So far at SoftWorks, he has been working to improve the GUI (graphical user interface) of our Forms Processing solution.

Moving Forward

SoftWorks AI’s interns continue to be an incredibly valuable part of our team. As a research-born company, we appreciate the opportunity to give back to and keep in touch with the academic world. Our interns contribute tangibly to the ongoing development and improvement of our solutions, and gain interesting and valuable experience along the way.

Softworks AI

Softworks AI

SoftWorks AI is dedicated to creating best-in-class intelligent automation solutions to automate document-driven workflows with minimal to no humans-in-the-loop. Using computer vision, AI, and machine learning, we’re able to analyze and understand hundreds of mortgage and financial documents with extreme accuracy.