Build Your Business Future with
Touchless Automation

Run faster, more accurately with minimal to no humans in the loop.

Best-in-class intelligent

We understand your need for accurate, reliable data. It’s not just a preference – it’s the only way your business will succeed.

SoftWorks AI is different. Unlike other advanced automation companies, we started as a university AI and computer vision research lab. Our team is comprised of industry leaders in the scientific and business communities – visionaries who have pioneered AI-based methods to help drive the highest levels of business process automation.

Drawing on our deep domain expertise in mortgage automation, financial services, and AI-based process automation, we offer solutions that help you understand the data and documents in your business and accelerate document-driven workflows.

Be confident in your
data accuracy

Our strategy is to deliver solutions that continuously build on new technology innovations – and help your business run more efficiently.

But to truly optimize your processes, technology must offer the intelligence to know when the data is valid without human intervention – and when human review of the data is required. That’s what we call “touchless automation.”

Solutions from SoftWorks AI use next-generation technologies to minimize human touchpoints and then validate that the data is correct. Machine learning bots assess data correctness and alert users when a human review is required.

Cloud-enabled or on-prem processing lets us deliver these results in real-time. Processes that once took days or hours now take minutes or seconds, enabling fast, accurate business decisions.

With touchless automation from SoftWorks AI, you benefit from:


Accuracy for document type classification


Of documents require no manual validation


Reduction in manual document review

Customer quote

“Any benefit from automation starts with the data. You can develop the best automation in the world, but if you don’t have confidence in your data, you’re not going to have confidence in your automation.”

George ReichertCIO, Genworth Financial

“Touchless automation means I can run 24/7 with no humans in the mix. We can consider running around the clock with a lot fewer operators, and we can automate a bigger chunk of the underwriting process.”

Bob NobleVice President of Innovation, AI, and Automation, Genworth Financial