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Trapeze For Forms Processing

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Trapeze for Mortgage Processing

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Trapeze for Invoice Processing

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  • “The national university used SoftWorks AI’s Trapeze to automate its transfer student application processing. Trapeze’s advanced data extraction solution accelerated the entire admissions process, reducing onboarding time per student from 5 weeks to just 3 days.”

  • “A leading credit card company was trying to gain a competitive edge in the market for convincing merchants to accept their credit cards. SoftWorks AI’s Trapeze was able to reduce processing time from 70 minutes to just 10 minutes per document through real-time analysis and touchless automation.”

  • “In order to combat these inefficiencies, the furniture distributor sought an automated invoice processing solution that could connect with their Salesforce CRM setup. In the first months following deployment of Trapeze for Invoice Processing, the organization is already noticing improvements in the speed and accuracy of their invoice workflow, successfully automating data extraction for 90% of their invoices.”

  • “Prior to using Trapeze, highly paid tax professionals used their valuable time performing manual data entry. SoftWorks AI’s automated data extraction of sales tax from invoices enabled the tax and accounting firm to reduce hours spent on data entry and shorten the engagement lifecycle for client sales tax audits.”

  • “Critically, loan packet processing time was reduced from over 2 hours to under 5 minutes each, shattering the mortgage insurer’s initial speed requisites to greatly accelerate their operations. Data field extraction accuracy rates were very high, and automated document assembly and classification rates were near-perfect.”

  • “Employees who previously spent half of the day processing invoices, now only spend an hour a day scanning and validating a small set of invoices that require attention. There was now no longer a need to hire an additional employee, and the distribution company realized an ROI within 6 months of deployment.”