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Bottom Line: High Accuracy, Low Cost

The bottom line is that SoftWorks AI’s Trapeze represents a powerful and highly accurate automated data capture platform that can be utilized to significantly reduce data capture and document processing costs. Out-of-the-box, with little customization, Trapeze can produce higher than industry-standard accuracy rates on a variety of document types. This includes structured forms like order forms, surveys, and tax returns, as well as semi-structured forms like invoices, transcripts, patient records, and financial transaction documents.

SoftWorks AI’s template-less approach to semi-structured forms and its Expert Systems modules, which include application-specific intelligence, enable Trapeze to be set up in a matter of days or weeks, vs. competitive applications, which often require months of customization. And SoftWorks AI’s advanced image processing techniques enable Trapeze to produce results that are 10-15% more accurate that than those of leading OCR engines. This combination of high accuracy and ease of setup makes Trapeze a compelling application for most automated document and data capture requirements. In most cases, it can enable achievement of ROI in less than a year.