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Semi-Automated: The ‘Assisted’ Capture Approach

Semi-Automated data capture is the perfect solution for companies that are cautious about document automation, or want to start out slow. Semi-automated data capture is still a manual process. The goal is to make the operator using the software as efficient as possible by clicking on text versus typing it.

Semi-Automation – The Operator’s Assistant

Operators scan documents, view each page and click-enter each field in order. Operators choose field lists per document type. As they click-enter, the software automatically navigates from one field to the next. Assisted capture solutions do not require special expertise during integration and can be installed and configured in hours. Even if an organization automates only one field with assisted capture and manually enters the rest, there is a time savings. Assisted capture solutions are less expensive to purchase and install. Additionally the ROI calculation for semi-automated systems may not be as high as full automation but it is easier to control and calculate.

The typical integration of semi-automated data capture reduces full-time employees needed for data entry by


Insight Examples

To give an example of the savings; an average data capture field is twelve characters in length. In assisted capture this means that, on average, per mouse-click an operator enters twelve characters of data, which is a total savings of eleven manual operations per field.

The typical integration of semi-automated data capture reduces full-time employees needed for data entry by three to five times (AIIM e-Doc 2008). Additionally because an operator is seeing every image and character the process has equivalent accuracy to double-blind data-entry in half the time. Organizations are able to integrate assisted capture in days and start obtaining the benefit from document automation immediately.

Assisted Capture to Fully Automated Data Capture

When organizations have obtained success through assisted capture, most are able to easily upgrade to fully automated data capture approaches. Multiple solutions allow for the template logic created during the use of assisted capture to be ported to a fully automated system. Organizations are choosing assisted capture instead of full automation so they can introduce automation sooner with less risk. Assisted capture provides a level of predictability and obviousness that fully automated solutions do not.

Semi-Automated Data Capture Integration

One of the greatest challenges of automation technology is how the technology fits into the organization. With semi-automated data capture the impact of change is minimal and usually just a process of educating manual key entry operators on how to click on data versus type. Because of this, organizations use assisted capture as not only a way to quickly automate but also to prepare their environment for automation. Assisted capture solutions demonstrate similar capabilities in export and quality assurance to fully automated solutions. In the last two years if an assisted capture solution has a clear upgrade path to full automation it has been chosen over competing full automation solutions sixty percent of the time (AIIM e-Doc 2008).